Face Yoga

Did you know that there are 57 muscles on our face that, just like our body, need activation? Activation does not happen with laughter or grimacing, since by that, we actually only use our face, but never strengthen it! At FACE YOGA course, we learn how to perform medically designed exercises that must be performed correctly and in a certain sequence so that the facial muscles are strengthened, the effects of gravity are erased and consequently, our face is lifted and filled. We also enter deeply into our glands and consciousness. If I had to choose between face yoga and body exercise, face yoga would absolutely always be my choice. Unconditionally! It is so very important to me and it significantly contributes to my health.

Isn`t it interesting how we all know we have to exercise our body, but we kind of just forget about our face? To make it worse, our life »happens« in our mind, brain and in our glands. As well our hormones and an entrance to our spiritual world lies in our heads. For our hormones, well being and nonetheless, for our appereance, there is no better exercise than active, concious movements with our facial muscles. I strongly believe that not only that face yoga erases our wrinkles, but it brings many positive effects to out health, youth and overall well being. There is no other massage that could do a better face lift, strenghtening and firming our face muscles than a face yoga. If you wish to have a fuller face, muscles need to be activated. As it is with body exercises, unfortunatelly there are no shortcuts to firmer muscles on our face as well.

  • FACE YOGA helps to strengthen the loose and stretched muscles of the face and neck. This also has a positive effect on thyroid function and strengthens all 5 major internal organs.
  • It shapes the muscular shape of the face, lifts it, opens the eyes and helps to make the upper lip look fuller.
  • It is crucial for the ACTIVATION OF THE GLANDS – especially the pineal gland, pituitary gland and thyroid gland, which later affects the balanced secretion of certain hormones.
  • In each course, we will focus on theory first. We will learn about forgotten knowledge and the latest scientific and medical findings in the field of glands in the head. We will learn healing, proper breathing and where on the face the functioning of all internal organs is reflected.
  • We will get to know in detail and learn to perform 12 special exercises to activate facial muscles. At the rehearsal, there are 3 additional exercises.
  • We will learn performing special FACE LYMPH DRAINAGE and how to properly take care of our face. We will see what happens to collagen and elastin over the years and how food affects the firmness, health and radiance of the skin.
  • The energy equivalence of a 3-week course is 180 euros. Payment is possible in installments.
  • The first meeting is on Thursday, January 30th, 2020 at 5.30 p.m.. The next two dates are Thursday, January the 6th and January the 13th at 5.30 p.m.. Each meeting lasts for about 120 minutes.
  • The course takes place at the Hotel Murat in Hajdina near Ptuj (Zgornja Hajdina 84c, 2288 Hajdina). You can register at info@anjinsvet.si or send a DM on Facebook (my profile is Spiritualna Haložanka).
  • Bring a notebook, pen and some water with you to the face yoga class.

Looking forward to meeting you and to our women`s socializing,

Licensed face yoga instructor,

Anja Fošnarič