I’m Anja, founder of the advanced skin care line, Wild Beauty.

This line is dedicated to respecting the microbiome of the skin as well as preserving the planet. When creating it, I use both, wisdom of holistic science as well as the latest scientific findings.

I became passionate about working with and for the skin when I was 22 years old. This is when I started paying attention to my face and the face skin. Ever since then, I have been searching for perfect ingredients for the skin that come from the nature itself. Ingredients, which respect the skin barrier and the delicate balance of bacteria, fungi, and viruses on the skin.

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Minimalism. When it comes to skin, less is more! And that is exactly why we use minimalism and prioritize quality over quantity. Minimalism is our guiding principle both when creating quality, organic oils, serums and as well when sending packages. Our packages are entirely created from recycled labels and boxes, so you can throw everything in the bin after receiving the package. When creating the line, protecting the planet is our priority. Because the microbiome of the skin and the planet are connected.

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Purity of ingredients and recyclable material. The Wild Beauty line aims to improve the planet, support nature, and contribute to a cleaner environment. That’s why our oils and serums consist of organic, vegan, pure, hypoallergenic, and high-quality ingredients. Speaking of it, our packages are sent in recycled paper in a natural colour, free of printing or dyes.

What our skin and planet need is sustainable minimalism. Which is the reason why we created the possibility of buying refills. You can buy your favourite oil or serum as a refill in a simple black bottle. Simply pour it into your original bottle of the same oil or serum. Save your money and contribute to our planet safety.

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