Wild Beauty Team

Anja Fošnarič, Founder of Wild Beauty

Anja is founder of skincare line Wild Beauty that is dedicated to the advanced skin rejuvenation and healing which includes regeneration of skin microbiome. She is also working with Gua-Sha tool, is Face Yoga instructor and has knowledge and practice in Sculptural Face Lifting. She complements her knowledge with a master’s degree of Food Safety.

Eva Primec, an illustrator and visual designer

She has been drawing since a young age, over the last 5+ years she’s been working in illustration and design proffessionally. At Wild Beauty she helps with designing labels, packaging and other visual elements. Her education lays in fashion and textile design, but her passion is in illustration. She loves to find inspiration in nature and people around her. Her favourite subjects to draw are portraits, plants and animals. Besides illustration she likes to tackle graphic design projects as well.

Petra Oblak, an English and Slovene language professor

Although she’s a teacher, you’ll constantly find her in the role of a student. She’s enthusiasthic about gaining knowledge in nature, science and art. She translates and looks after aeshetics of the written words. At Wild Beauty she is most important part of the team as a translator and also assessor of all graphic designs.