Spring Rejuvenation Combo


Spring Rejuvenation Combo

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Spring Rejuvenation Combo contains rose water of your choice, face care oil and a rainbow crystal Gua Sha. This special offer is available for 7 days only and its quantity is limited. Shipping is free. Don`t forget to enter the choice of rose water under the notes when placing the order. You can choose between Damascus Rose Water or Neroli Orange Blossom Hydrolate. Your package will be delivered to your home as soon as Gua Sha arrives to Slovenia, which is around March 27th.

In skin care and beauty ritual, rose water represents an element of wind, Divine intelligence and the transfer of information from water, flowers and nature into the skin cells. Hydrolates increase and strengthen communication between us and our skin on a conscious and unconscious level. In addition, rose water is a real blessing and one of the best aids for real and noticeable skin hydration. It is the one to help pulling the molecules of botanical oil into the deeper layers of the skin and nourish the cells there. It also has a beneficial effect on the skin microflora, as it does not contain chlorine or limescale. Apply it to the washed face, neck and décolleté (yes, the latter also ages) and then massage the oil lovingly and carefully. Of course, you can use it several times a day – especially in the summer, just by the way. To moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

Wild Beauty Nourishing Oil (30 ml) consists of squalane, apricot kernel oil and German chamomile essential oil. Squalane oil is extracted from olive oil and is practically EQUAL to human sebum, making it indispensable in holistic and ADVANCED rejuvenation. Due to this property, it also very effectively retains moisture in the deeper layers of the skin throughout the day It leaves a smooth pearly feeling on the skin. It softens the face skin and improves its structure This oil is also suitable for using with dermatitis and eczema conditions. German chamomile essential oil is one of the most admired oils in the world of ethereal. ust one drop of this noble blue oil infinitely enriches every simple oil. This oil heals the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and maintains the youth and radiance of the skin due to its high content of antioxidants. It contains as much as 50% bisabolol, an ingredient that has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant effects. Apricot kernel oil supplies our skin with high energy of the sun rays and vital energy. The most potent thing, however, are the seeds, since they carry the energy of new growth within them!

This unique rainbow crystal Gua Sha is created from perfectly pure crystal, which is also certified. It is handmade, authentic and blessed for the purpose of rejuvenation. It is a living organism that grows with us and supports us on the path of rejuvenation and care. It connects us to the heart and the elements of nature. The rainbow crystal has the wild energy of nature in it, but it still has an extremely gentle, soothing and cooling effect on our skin. It is ideal for inflamed and irritated skin and pigmentation. Because the crystals in Gua sha are completely natural, the shades may differ from those shown in the picture. It is believed that the crystal actually chooses its owner so that the one who comes to us is the one – perfect and right for us. To handle and use it properly, watch and follow the video tutorials on the YouTube channel – Anja Fošnarič.


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