Wild Beauty Skin Rejuvenation


Wild Beauty Skin Rejuvenation

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This nourishing and rejuvenating package consists of Wild Beauty Nourishing Oil and Wild Beauty Body Oil. Both oils were composed with the help of advanced and holistic rejuvenation and Ayurveda.

Nourishing face oil (30ml) represents royalty and complete skin care. In its golden amber color, it gently whispers stories of eternity, youth and splendor. This extremely gentle and nourishing oil is suitable for just about any skin, even one that is out of balance. In addition, it is perfectly combined with Gua Sho. Wild Beauty Nourishing Oil (30 ml) consists of squalane,appricot kernel oil and German chamomile essential oil.

Wild Beauty Body Oil (150 ml) is a luxurious elixir for our spirit and for our soul as well, as it consists of 5 different essential oils and 3 cold-pressed oils. The basis of this oil is Ayurveda – a 6000 years old science, which connects the body, spirit and mind into a beautiful whole. Essential oils are the only ones whose molecules are small enough to pass through all 7 layers of the skin and nourish cells and tissues deep there. I like to say that they are the pure essence of the Goddesses and a great gift to humanity. When we inhale them, the chemical balance in the brain changes in a few seconds. They are so very potent.



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